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Unleash your imagination with ‘Allart Select’, an unrivalled freedom in door furniture selection.

Start by selecting your Lever or Knob design; there are over 100 to choose from…. then choose your matching or complementary Rosette or Plate design – all of which are available in a variety of sizes and with the option of concealed or face fixed.

Your choice doesn’t end there….we offer plate collars to complement your lever/knob choice, a comprehensive selection of turn and swing cover designs to ensure that with functions including latch/passage, lock, privacy, dummy, multipoint and entry, you will be able to take one design theme and use it throughout your project; or perhaps choose a variety of complementary or contrasting themes to individualise different spaces.

And, with over 30 metal finishes & patinas, Allart Select can help you deliver a truly bespoke, custom look.

Allart Select. Probably the most comprehensive selection of residential hardware in the world.